About Max

Max is a bit different to other radio stations.

We reckon you want more than a ‘music stream’ - but less than traditional radio with its bragging and DJ nonsense. Instead, Max just promises to be Where the 80s Live. And by that, we mean all the 80s. Not just the songs everyone remembers. (Well. Not quite all the 80s. You won’t hear Captain Beaky any time soon.)

If you lived through and loved the 80s, like us, we know your record collection (or cassette mix tapes) had more than rock and pop. It included the last days of disco and the first days of house. Hair rock and electronic pioneers. Kraftwerk and Kylie. We play the anthems of course, but it was also a time of one-hit wonders and curious catchy singles in the lower reaches of the chart. Blue Zoo as well as Yazoo. Hipsway alongside Human League. Owen Paul next to Paul Young.

(Oh, and a note to the pedantic: you’ll hear a little bit of 1978 and 1979 on Max from time to time. We think the 80s edged in at the end of the 70s. That early synth, clever post-punk, new wave stuff. Your Buggles, Blondie and Police for example. Don’t hate us for that. But you won’t hear a second beyond 31 December 1989!)

With some notable exceptions, we don’t have presenters. We have ‘the voice of Max’ - actually, the amazing actress Louise Jameson - who drops by with funny lines and games to play along with, and we keep the clutter to a minimum. There’s a minute of news and one break an hour.

Every so often we’ll drop in features like the Retro Ads or themed days around artists or 80s culture. And each week, we select a Max Classic Album and play you tracks from it every couple of hours.

You won’t hear the voice of Max tell you how good we are, that we have a better mix of this or a bigger variety of that. We think the music will demonstrate that for itself! And we’ll never mock the 80s. We loved it. Why knock it?

Each Saturday from 10am, you’ll hear four hours of archive American Top 40. The actual shows as broadcast across America by Casey Kasem - kind of like the USA’s Tony Blackburn. Casey’s no longer with us, but his shows live on, on Max.

We have big plans for 2016. You’ll hear Max Mixes, hour long sets of 80s songs curated by Max’s loyal listeners. Expect a new UK retro chart show on Sunday mornings. And clips of the artists who made the 80s. We’ll be out and about in Manchester. And you can display your love with Max Merch - coming soon!

We’re an experimental radio station - part of a trial on a new Digital Radio transmitter in Manchester. But we also broadcast on the Radioplayer and on the TuneIn app. We don’t have studios. We live in the Cloud, powered by Vic 20s. That means we can do things differently to the bigger 80s radio stations.

We’re owned and run by 2ZY, a radio production company based in Manchester.

We hope you like what you hear. We love getting your feedback. Email hello@thisismax.co.uk. 

John Ryan, Boss of Max.